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A 3-day trip to Seville… a very exciting city trip!

A re-energizing stopover for all foodies, daydreamers and overall hedonists.
NYC Highline

Discover New York!

Want to discover New York? Here are 7 blog posts to get ready for a quite different New York experience !
Casa Rosada

Discover Buenos Aires

You have never been to Buenos Aires ? Then buckle up your seat belt and go visit the Paris of the South!
European city trips

European city trips for everyone

A blend of cultural awesomeness, mouth-watering gastronomy and tremendous nightlife venues… prepare for some serious city hopping! You prefer visiting crowded cities to escaping civilization?...
Auckland, Viaduct Harbour

Auckland, awkwardly awesome!

A first promising glimpse of New Zealand's North Island!
Brussels by night

Brussels: A guide to the perfect bar crawl

Brussels - despite being seen by some as one of the worst places to park your car - has a special place in my heart. It is my student life and the mawkish taste that comes with all the memories; it’s the good-humored, easy going “Bruseleirs“, it’s the perpetual shopping sprees, the flea markets and the flea bitten dogs.