Shantaram book


This is one of those books, that once you’ve picked it up, you’ll be glued to it. Shantaram is a mix of Indian slum culture, philosophical mafia bosses, Bollywood film stars, Afghan fighters and just a tad of romance will keep you up all night!

But beware: this page-turner can be an anvil around your neck, or to be much clearer a brick in your backpack: with its 944 pages of utter suspense, this book can be quite cumbersome if your journey consists in tramping and hiking from one place to another.

Shantaram is more a book for beach-goers or those who love to be on holidays and enjoy the sweet “Farniente”.

This 2003 bestseller is definitely a must read, but if you start reading it while on holiday, then don’t forget to get your head out of the clouds from time to time and enjoy the surroundings of your travel destination!

To summarise

Year: 2003
Pages: 944
Country of narration: India
A Perfect read for: Beach-goers

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