Yogyakarta – Restaurants where the food is good!

Kedai Kebun Restaurant

Enough of the beautiful castles, the whimsical corner shops, the sometimes doubtful street stalls and the handicraft batik boutiques… Whenever you travel the world you also want to please the foodie that slumbers inside you. Click To Tweet Here’s my list of eateries and restaurants I really liked in Yogyakarta

Kedai Kebun Restaurant

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At this funky place I simply had one of the best Pad Thais’ ever! Yes, yes, I know, shame on me for eating Pad Thai in Indonesia. But don’t, worry they also serve local dishes and vegetarians won’t be frustrated.

Kedai Kebun Restaurant
Kedai Kebun Restaurant

Anyway, Kedai Kebun is a casual eatery, located in a very calm street not far from the sultan’s palace away. Its walls are covered in hip fresco-paintings of people. They mix the restaurant with a contemporary art gallery.

Kedai Kebun restaurant decoration
A very easy going place with minimal decoration… as you can see.

Mediterranea Restaurant

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If you are in desperate need of a fine glass of wine (I don’t want to be bad mouthed, but I’ve tasted better wines than the Indonesian ones), some tasty pizza or a piece of sophisticatedly prepared meat, then this is the place to be.
The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine – surprise, surprise – with very fresh products and is headed by a French chef called Kamil.

Mediterranea one of the best restaurants
Mediterranea Restaurant, a place you definitely have to try!

What’s more… It’s a bit costly, but every bite is worth the price. You just have to try this place!

Keep in mind that it’s best to book a table in advance on busy nights like Fridays or Saturdays. Here’s Mediterranea’s website for the contact information.

Via Via Restaurant

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Via Via is a trendy eatery where young westerners and backpackers meet up. The waiters are young, hip Indonesians and extremely welcoming. They sometimes organize All-You-Can-Eat-BBQ’s for meat lovers and vegetarians.

At Via Via Restaurant you’ll also find all kinds of healthy, organic foods and juices. They serve dishes from Indonesia and all around the world.

And they serve a top-notch breakfast! I’d return voluntarily to Indonesia just to savour one last time their Red baked eggs… Am I being pathetic?

Breakfast at ViaVia Jogja
Breakfast at ViaVia Jogja

A Via Via Bakery is located a few blocks away.

All in all, Yogyakarta is crowded with delightful restaurants. Click To Tweet
Those listed above are the ones where I indulged myself. Try them and also ask around for other suggestions, I bet your culinary adventure in Yogyakarta will be as savoury as mine.



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