Paris in a snap: 2 days, 1 night

Galeries LaFayete

That weekend was a long planned girls-only weekend together with my best friend, her perpetual party mood and her phobia of touching dirty things in the subway. Yeayyy, that was fun!

So there we were, two girls with a fair appetite for shopping, partying and mystery!

The mystery started immediately upon arrival, here’s my tip: Make sure that when you arrive in Paris, you have the exact itinerary information to your hotel at hand, not only a vague idea in which neighborhood the hotel is located! Paris is not the biggest city of the world, but its little twisted streets, the huge boulevards and the mile long avenues are an explosive panache for getting lost!

I won’t go into the details of how and after how much time we found our hotel, fact is, that after checking in, we immediately headed for the shops, our first and foremost most important mission in Paris.

The Paris shopping spree

A good start is always the famous Boulevard Haussman (on the map), there you’ll be spoiled for choice:

  • Galerie LaFayette
  • Printemps
  • Uniqlo … and other great names of the prêt-à-porter industry await you at every corner. Here you’ll find everything your heart desires!

And if you are a foodie, don’t forget the perfect high standard pit stop: the deliciously interesting  LaFayette Gourmet.

After your shopping orgy in the galleries, try and get some fresh air. From Boulevard Hausseman take a walk to the boho neighborhood “ Le Marais” that gives you a taste of the city as seen in the movies. I’ll guarantee, suddenly you’ll experience quite an urge of donning a beret.

Joking aside, while strolling to your destination you’ll cross another cool neighborhood, Saint-Honoré with some really great shops and the unparalleled concept store : Colette!
If you are lucky you might even casually bump into a French actor.

In the Marais-area you’ll have a massive choice of small corner shops selling design odds and ends, but the best of all is Bobart’ – Objets & Curiosités ! Take a few minutes and explore the inside of the shop!

Bobart shop in Paris
Bobart shop in Paris

Diner and wine (… or delicious cocktails)

The perfect neighbourhoods for tremendous food and authentic cocktail drinking and partying are the “6/7e Arrondissements” (on the map)

We went to the cozy – not so French – Khao Thai restaurant. If you like Thai food, then go and have a try at this place, but book a table during their last service, so that you’ll not be stressed by customers waiting for their table (and throwing you nasty glances while you are trying to gobble down hurriedly your steaming hot coffee).

If you are looking for a more unique cocktail extravaganza, then go to the Prescription Cocktail Club… or rather try to find it! Yes, you’ve guessed right, it’s a hidden bar, where the good-looking hipster serving crew awaits you with cheeky smiles in a joyous and relaxed 1920-prohibition atmosphere. Cocktails are dangerously fantastic, my favorite one being the first one on the list: Les Mazarinettes! In the end it will be up to you at what time and in what state you’ll leave the club.

You can easily find the address of the Prescription Cocktail Club on the Internet, but will you find the bar? Good luck with the search!

PS: It’s needless to say that the second day of our Paris adventure was marked by a quite pronounced hangover. So, what we did was mainly Champs Elysées window shopping and drinking loads of Starbucks Coffee.

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