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Nosara, Playa Pelada

Nosara: idyllic pit stop on our Costa Rican road trip

Nosara, a small Costa Rican town on the pacific coast. This is leg #5 of our Costa Rica road trip and definitely a place to discover: wild shores, white sand beaches... Have a look for yourself!
Beach at Mal País

Montezuma, Santa Teresa & Mal País: Costa Rica road trip

After Jacó we decided to visit the Nicoya Peninsula; catch a glimpse at Montezuma and indulge ourselves on the beaches of Santa Teresa and...
Costa Rica Jacó

Leg #3 of our Costa Rican road trip: Jacó

The next stop on our Costa Rican road trip was Jacó, a small coastal town located in the Puntarenas province, which borders the Pacific...
Behind the Scenes Costa Rica trip

Behind the scenes #1: When a T-Rex crashed my Costa Rica...

Weird things keep happening to me during my travels. A story about the time I nearly came face to face with a T-Rex in Costa Rica.
Rainmaker Costa Rica ecotourism

Costa Rica Ecotourism – The Rainmaker Conservation Project

Leg #2 of the Costa Rica road Trip: Ecotourism at the Rainmaker Conservation Project - a refreshing break!
Costa Rica beach

Plan a road trip in Costa Rica

An adventure road trip around Costa Rica. Get the best travel tips and stories while following me on my journey through this amazing country. Costa Rica, here I come!