Schnitzels, cocktails & culture: Vienna


Vienna is rated as one of the cities in the world that have the best ‘quality of life’. It is a marvelous city, very laid back and very traditional. Vienna’s inhabitants love their traditions and there is no better place in the world to sit around for hours in a typical Viennese coffeehouse. You have to experience the city by strolling around and sitting down for an early, but long dinner, having great schnitzels and remarkable Austrian wine.

When to should you go?
If you decide on discovering Vienna, choose Spring or the Christmas period for your visit

What’s the absolute survival kit?
You can’t survive in Vienna without a sense of humor and quite developed drinking abilities 

Quick tips…

  • District wise, there are 3 must sees on your Viennese journey:
    First district: Tuchlauben, Kärtnerstrasse, Kohlmarkt, Graben, Stephansplatz, Wollzeile
  • Seventh and sixth district: Neubaugasse, Burggasse
  • Seventh district: Museumsquartier (Lots of museums, but also cool locations to have a drink, relax and eat some great food)
Museum Moderne Kunst, Vienna
Museum Moderne Kunst, Vienna

Inhabitant’s motto…
“Gemütlichkeit”, but it’s more a mindset than a motto and means no stress, be cool & friendly… In fact, Viennese people are very convivial people.

Food & drink wise
The delicatessen and restaurant Il Bio is an absolute insider tip!
Other places for a tasty food experience are :

On the other hand a cocktail or two won’t harm you… so absolutely try out to those two places:

Where to have a snooze?
Altstadt Hotel
Hotel Lamée
25 hours Hotel (Insider tip)

Typically Austrian hotels
Hotel Sacher (and do not forget to try their exquisite Sacher Torte!!!)
Palais Coburg
Hotel Impérial

What else to do?
There are so many things to do in Vienna, so many places to visit … but what you should not miss in any circumstances is walking around in the vineyards, rent a boat and go for a cruise on the Danube and as earlier mentioned, visiting the Museumsquartier, especially the Albertina Museum and the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Vienna Museumsplatz

Shop till you drop!

  • Have a luxury shopping spree in the city center, especially in the Kohlmarkt street where you’ll find some of the most exclusive shops.
  • For more down to earth budgets, go and clean out the shops in Kärtnerstrasse where you’re spoiled for choices of shops in more moderate price ranges (Zara, H&M, Mango…)
  • And if you are a fashionista, than go to Neubaugasse and look out for young designer shops!

DO try a sausage at a ‘Würstelstand’
DO have a look at the Naschmart, for food & drinks but also for some flea market shopping on saturdays
DO NOT (by all means) forget to tip the waiters… Vienna is a city with a distinct tipping culture!

Cheers & enjoy Vienna!

Steff E.

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