Road to Salta

There’s almost nothing more enriching than travelling. You get the thrill when you’re planning, doubts when your packing, you are in dismay during the first turbulences on the plane and close to a collapse after arriving – with a massive jet leg and without your suitcase – in a foreign country, not finding ANYONE speaking a halfway understandable language. Yup, travelling is FUN!

I consider myself as a travel lover, a “wanderluster”, an apprentice globetrotter and a tenderfoot explorer (meticulously exploring every corner of every shopping mall on my tenderly high-heeled feet!)… I adore beach life, get courageous when trekking through the rain forest and have vertigo when walking on the tiniest path next to a steep cliff … I’m the most common traveller you’ve heard of, but travelling is my heart throb and discovering other lifestyles and traditions is just exciting!

All this made me follow the path of so many other people and launch my own travel blog!
The question that haunted me during the last past months (while procrastinating…) was: How can I start this project without refraining myself within the borders of time, trying to stick to the chronological order of all events?

Finally, during a very long sleepless night, it all came to me: why not start where almost everything began? In Argentina, Buenos Aires!

Explanation: Seven years ago, I was very lucky to live in this unique city, that is buzzing with life, where people are friendly and selfless souls and where every respectable person has its own BBQ integrated in his apartment terrace.

A few weeks ago, it was time to return, meet up with old friends, take a break of the perpetual European winter and go crazy on meat, wine and shopping… All in all, it was time to enjoy good life again!
Bartola Classic
So, let’s get straight to the point and give you a flying start:

  • At your arrival, try to get a place in either the barrio (neighborhood) of Palermo Viejo, Palermo Soho or Palermo Hollywood. Those are the “hypest” areas to explore!
  • Then stroll through Palermo Soho and go to Plaza Serrano and Plaza Armenia. Here you’ll bump into young artists, small jewellery and souvenir creators and the nowadays ever-present and booming Hipster community.
  • Walk through the small streets of Palermo Soho and sit down on the terrace of the Bartola Classic on the crossroads of the streets Guruchaga and Costa Rica.
  • Order a limonada con menta and a Patagonia beer.
  • Turn around and take in the coloured chairs of the cafés and the street art on the surrounding buildings.

Welcome to Buenos Aires!


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