Pavement adventures from Buenos Aires

Street art in Palermo

By hitting their lightly flip-flopped toes against broken concrete bits, sticking out, next to oversize tree roots, or by getting quite a dirty-greyish sputtering while stepping on a loose paving stone with stagnating water slumbering underneath it… either way, distraction on that front could leave its marks!
So, here’s my advice to everyone: watch out where you are walking, while you are walking! (You could get a severely bruised toe – speaking from experience!)

Sometimes during heavy rains, the streets are flooded. It often happens so abruptly, that you get caught in a dry spot, surrounded by ankle-high water running towards manholes. Be aware of the strong currents if you are wearing flip-flops, you could loose one! My boyfriend once lost his left flip-flop in such a torrent and although we thoroughly searched for it and even followed the stream of water it got kidnapped by, the thong was lost forever and the poor guy had to party with us all night long, with a single flip-flopped foot!


An other fleabite during your walks through the city, especially during hot summer nights, are the outdoor “cucarachas”, better known under the term “the big flying cockroaches”! They are no sign of dirtiness, no, in theory they are just peaceful cohabitants who enjoy the hot climate as much as we do! Personally, they are my worst nightmare!

Taxis – not very expensive, quite comfortable and sometimes freakishly fast! More than once, friends of mine or myself sat in the backseat of a Buenos Aires taxi covering our eyes and letting out some kind of high-pitched sounds, while having almost heart attacks. But don’t worry, during all those months, I never experienced an accident!
Some of the taxis even have sensors in their seats, so that the company knows if the driver had a client or not. I know this, because once I didn’t have enough money for a taxi ride, and the driver was so worried to leave me standing alone on the sidewalk, that – after a fast display on how the sensor worked – I was determinedly, but not very comfortably installed on the floor of the cab and safely driven home for free! Till now, I still hope, the driver didn’t just take the mickey out of me!

But there are also other, amusing things to discover in the streets of Buenos Aires! Unexpectedly, you’ll find yourself staring at a tango dancing course on the sidewalk: the basic Tango steps, marked into the concrete, with explanations to go with! Try it out… you’ll perhaps discover the passionate Tango dancer sleeping inside of you!

Also, walk through the streets, and you’ll perhaps get a free hug! I know it’s quite a common and already “oldish” action, but hey, isn’t it a pleasure to get a “gratis abrazo argentino” ?


Walk around in Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood and Colegiales (still not letting down your guard to avoid toe bruises) and try though to get a few glances at the walls and buildings surrounding you… great street art and guerilla knitting will transform your walk into a visit of a very hype open-air gallery!

Street art