FFF – Amsterdam


Amsterdam, a tad of exotism!

  • Amsterdam has more bikes than inhabitants! Something over 881.000 bikes for around 810,000 inhabitants… that explains why sidewalks are used as bike park zones instead of sides to walk on!
  • Amsterdam is the first city in Europe to have a Night Mayor. This public figure is the middleman between Amsterdam’s creative industry, the Mayor of Amsterdam and the City Council.
  • The city has the highest number of museums per square kilometre… Museum addicts can visit 51 museums during their stay.
  • Amsterdam accommodates the highest number of nationalities of any city in the world: 175 out of 194 internationally recognized countries!
  • With my height of 1,64m I felt soooo tiny…the Dutch are the tallest people in the world. The average Dutchman is just over 1,83m tall, while Dutch women average 1,70m.
  • In the Netherlands the import and export of drugs is illegal… Now, here’s a question: how do those 200 coffee shops stock up on weed?

After all that brain food, get something in your tummy… Eating n’ sleeping in Amsterdam


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