Amsterdam’s vibe!

Streets of Amsterdam

After pondering all my options and bearing in mind all basic needs, such as relaxation after a month-long sleep-depriving stress period and my itching for a big fat shopping orgy combined with the envy of discovering a new city… a choice was quickly made!
So, off I was on a four-hour-long road trip… and then, I finally arrived in the city where blond is the national hair colour, the most dangerous street scorchers sit on bicycles and butcheries are called “The Cow Project” (?!?). For the first time ever, I set my eyes on the Venice of the North: Amsterdam!

Sightseeing & Shopping in Amsterdam

Almost everyone told me to visit the Rijksmuseum and that was the initial plan. But then, something unexpected happened: the sky turned blue, the clouds vanished and a big bright fireball, called sun shone upon us. Without further ado, we opted for a rather relaxed open-air city stroll, along the canals and through the Jordaan neighbourhood. This former working class neighbourhood with its small, peculiar houses has become a peaceful, tiny village with cute little cafés, trendy second hand shops and is mainly populated by students, artists and freelancers.
Apparently the name Jordaan comes from the French word “jardin” meaning “garden”… that also explains why every street is called after a flower type.

Pavement streets in Amsterdam
Typical pavement streets of Amsterdam

A cute and fun way to visit another part of Amsterdam… if it’s not raining cats and dogs!

Another interesting discovery, was the Christmas-before-Christmas experience! At the beginning of November, Amsterdam has already put on its Christmas decoration and lights… at sunset, the streets are a dream of gleaming gold and red, and somehow you’ll experience the urge of buying Christmas presents. A picture-perfect marketing coup!

This brings us to the chief subject of this stay: Shopping! Did you think Amsterdam should mainly be visited because of its beauty and museums? You fool, you…! The shops are a craze, my credit card almost had a heart attack and I, myself, almost experienced a near death-by-shopping experience!

Hazy euphoria and light-headed elation: I literally shopped till I was dizzy! Besides the common major retailers you’ll find as well those shops that don’t exist everywhere!

Pull & Bear
Urban Outfitters

You’ll also have a heavenly indefinite choice of shoe shops… ladies and guys (cause my man also shopped till he dropped) I urge you to discover lovely Amsterdam and come back as a penniless but happy owner of a new wardrobe !

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  1. I have not done shopping in Amsterdam yet… but reading about your heart attack 😉 I think I must exercise caution. I did the canal tour there and it was a very pleasant experience.


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