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Kenya Hells Gate

Hell’s Gate National Park, Kenya

Hellsgate National Park in Kenya is the most way to go on a safari. Read on about a hiking & cycling experience amidst wild animals, gorgeous landscapes and lost tour guides!
Pont d'Avignon

My expat life in the South of France

Living in a holiday destination - what's it really like?
New Zealand's North Island

New Zealand’s North Island

Wild landscapes, super friendly inhabitants and the right amount of adventure!

Visiting Chile

How Anabela & Jorge went on a true adventure while visiting Chile!When we arrived in Chile, in Santiago, we were welcomed by mild autumn...
Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park

Visiting one of Costa Rica's most beautiful national parks or how to get into a fight with a raccoon.One of the first things we...

A 3-day trip to Seville… a very exciting city trip!

A re-energizing stopover for all foodies, daydreamers and overall hedonists.