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Hey there, I’m Ariane, the blogger behind The Travel Bias and a real travel addict!

To challenge the daily grind and live every day to the fullest, I decided to jump into the wild adventure of travel blogging.

In The Travel Bias blog I’ll try my best to offer you out of the box travel inspiration, very handy tips & tricks and some uncanny moments of my personal globe-trotting experiences. Don’t just go on holiday, set out for daily adventures, right?!

I’m travelling during my free time; on my holidays or on weekends. All the information displayed on this blog is collected on a free basis and fairly biased (hence The Travel Bias).



I grew up in a teeny tiny Duchy called Luxembourg, where the winters are long and summers are rainy.

For my 21st birthday, I bought myself a plane ticket to New York. A dream come true: the Big Apple, its craze and the icy wind at the top of the Empire State Building at     -20 C° !
3 years later I went on a 1-month backpacking trip to Vietnam and became a wholehearted travel buff.
In 2007, I moved for almost an entire year to Argentina, where I discovered a whole new world. I travelled the Argentine landscapes, walked the full length and breadth of Buenos Aires and grew a soft spot for local dishes.


I never really stopped travelling the globe. Whenever I had the opportunity I roamed around: Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America… but I still have an ever-growing bucket list full of destinations in my pocket.

Besides discovering new destinations, I’m returning to Buenos Aires from time to time.

I also recently moved to the South of France. Yet another destination to discover… Yiiiihaaaa!


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