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Brussels by night

Brussels: A guide to the perfect bar crawl

Brussels - despite being seen by some as one of the worst places to park your car - has a special place in my heart. It is my student life and the mawkish taste that comes with all the memories; it’s the good-humored, easy going “Bruseleirs“, it’s the perpetual shopping sprees, the flea markets and the flea bitten dogs.
Galeries LaFayete

Paris in a snap: 2 days, 1 night

A one-weekend, city adventure. In short: shopping, eating, drinking, (a lot of) walking and a healthy amount of hysteria!

Sauerkraut in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is Alsace’s capital and it is characterized by its half-timbered houses and the inhabitants’ strange accent… that, quite honestly, make us smile from time to time.
Roof decoration at Franklyn

Eating n’ sleeping in Amsterdam

One thing I didn’t think of was, that when you visit and shop your way through Amsterdam, you’re likely to head for an average...
Streets of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s vibe!

It’s that time of the year again: daylight’s getting scarce, trees lose their leaves and you’re facing at least 6 months of greyish misery and possibly you’ll also catch the flue! To overcome that irritating autumn blues, what's best than planning a two-day city trip?