European city trips for everyone

European city trips

A blend of cultural awesomeness, mouth-watering gastronomy and tremendous nightlife venues… prepare for some serious city hopping!
You prefer visiting crowded cities to escaping civilization? Beach goers or tramping enthusiasts bore you to death?  You are a true urban tourist?
Well, roll up your slim denim, don your moccasins and prepare the photo filters on your smartphone … ‘cause here are a few European cities that might unveil the hard-core city nomad inside of you!

5 European cities that might conquer your heart?


Get in gear for some serious partying and check out Brussels: a guide to the perfect bar crawl!


Plan an alternative trip to France’s capital: Paris in a snap: 2 days, 1 night!


Why not go for a self-indulging city trip to beautiful Vienna… Here’s Schnitzels, cocktails & culture: Vienna


Even if the Xmas period is behind us … Strasbourg has so much more to offer than its famous xmas market, here are some hot hints: Sauerkraut in Strasbourg


Don’t be daft, there’s more to see in Amsterdam than its coffee shop culture! Go on have a look at: Eating n’ sleeping in Amsterdam  and Amsterdam’s vibe!

If you are still unsure about the destinations, don’t worry: other European cities coming up on The Travel Bias in 2016 are Rome, London,  Sevilla and much more.
Stay tuned!


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