Manhattan Suitcase Matters

Taxi in Chelsea

Quite honestly, it’s no big deal to get exploration ready for New York City: there’ll be no packing nightmares, no 1001 hesitations, no second thoughts!

One suitcase for the Manhattan craze!

If you are visiting during summer, you should simply bring:

  • Comfortable clothes for sightseeing. Here’s a tip if you don’t want to stick out of the crowd: Urban chic or urban casual are the New York guiding styles! (Leggings or mini shorts and broad Tees or shirts are a must)
  • Shoe wise:  if you are planning to explore the city by foot, opt for comfortable sneakers and ballet or pointed flats for the evening strolls.
  • In any case, bring anti blister plasters. If you walk a lot you’ll inevitably be subject to foot aches…even if you are wearing good walking shoes.
Broadway in Manhattan
Broadway in Manhattan
  • A small handbag with just enough space for the phone, wallet, blister plasters, … could be handy!
    Bring also some chic city-wear if you plan on going out at night… New Yorker love to dress to impress! (Be one of them with a smart chic style)
  • Also, Rayban sunglasses are a big deal! If you own some, bring them, if you don’t, buy them on site !
  • Here’s a good tip for all men out there: think of bringing one pair of shoes other than sneakers. I know, I know, holidays are meant to be relaxing and not a fashion show-off, but you might be denied access to some of the cocktail bars, nightclubs or restaurants. Come on, get your footwear in gear!
  • Bring also earplugs for a good night’s sleep… it’s the city that never sleeps we’re talking about!
  • And last but not least leave a lot of space in your suitcase: New York is a shopping-Mekka, and I assure you: it will burn down all your credit cards!

Finally, do not forget that temperatures can be quite high during summer, so do chose clothes made of light fabric, but bring also a light jacket…

… A New York winter is a different story!

Have a great stay!

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