FFF – Argentina

Casa Rosada
Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

But if you’ve ever been to Argentina or lived there, you’d have noticed tiny details or particular things that make it a fabulous, matchless and somehow deliciously sympathetic nation and definitely a place to unpack one’s bags!

For example, Argentina is one of the only countries to have a Friend’s Day (el Día del Amigo). A day solely dedicated to friendships… This day is a great excuse to gather with friends around a few drinks. It has recently become a real hype and a mass phenomenon in Argentina’s biggest cities!
By the way, they also have the Teacher’s Day, Student’s Day or Animal’s Days… all NOT official holidays of course.

Dogs in Buenos Aires
Dogs in Buenos Aires

Speaking of official holidays: Argentina has at least 18 public holidays in 2014!!!

In July 2012, Argentina became the birthplace of the first child in the world to be legally recognised and registered on its birth certificate as having two fathers.

Argentina has the world’s highest number of psychiatrists per capita, … don’t we ALL need to see one?

Argentina IS famous around the world for the tenderness of its beef and its residents just adore ASADO (Argentine BBQ). But, the country, which once had the highest consumption of red meat in the world, recently fell from its perch and had to hand over the master title to its tiny neighbor Uruguay.

Pato is the national sport of Argentina. It is played on horseback and combines the basics from Basketball and Polo. Pato also means duck, because in early games, the sport was played with a living duck inside a cage… Now, to all defenders of animal rights: it’s ok, they did stop using the duck in 1882! – For me, it’s a bit like Quidditch on a horse.

Argentina is the 5th largest wine producer of the World. So I looked a bit into the numbers and here’s what I found out: In 2012, its wine production went up to 1.3 billion liters, but the country’s wine exportation for the same year was around 365 million liters … Now comes the big question: who drank the other 935 million liters? – You drunken fools, you!

In Argentina Mozzarella turns into Muzarella and that’s not only a typing mistake! It’s a wannabe type of Mozzarella cheese and you’ll find it on almost every pizza. Shame on you if you dare ask for the real Mozzarella… because in Argentina the whole cheese gets lost in translation!

There’s also an important queuing tradition in Argentina: people queue up in perfectly straight lines for everything: waiting for the bus, going to a theatre play, before an opening of a shop … When I see those perfect lines of old and young Argentines eagerly waiting and waiting and waiting, I ask myself: how come we Europeans create such a muddle just for a good seat at the cinema?

Weird but true: There’s a catholic theme-park in Buenos Aires called Tierra Santa where you can get blessed by a massive Jesus with machinery in his eyes an relive the major scenes from the New Testament. Been there, done that!

Tierra Santa
Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires

So that’s that, but I promise, my smart ass list of observations is non-exhaustive … I’ll bring up a few more details about Argentina in a bit !


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