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Fun Facts and Figures - Indonesia

17 Fun Facts and Figures – Indonesia

Traditions, sights, dishes ... You want to know more about the archipelago of Indonesia? Here are 17 Fun Facts and Figures !
Kuirau Park, Rotorua

21 Fun Facts and Figures – New Zealand

New Zealand, that's two islands and 268,021 km2 of pure natural beauty: they have Alps (although they are called Southern Alps) and a frankly massive volcanic plateau. New Zealand is all this, and a lot more!
Food truck in Manhatten

15 Fun Facts & Figures – New York City

A compilation of nonessential facts about the big apple, you can brag about knowing!

FFF – Amsterdam

Random facts about the Dam
Casa Rosada

FFF – Argentina

Football, beef and wine, that’s the perfect stereotype-label of Argentina. Sometimes people will stir up other subjects though, such as the Malvinas (NOT Falkland Islands), Eva Peron singing on her balcony or Maradona’s shenanigans and goings-on.