Great Lake Taupo

Great Lake Taupo

Taupo (on the map)

Taupo is situated on the shore of Great Lake Taupo in the Waikato Region. It is a perfect spot for adventure tourists and thrill seekers of all kinds: Bungee jumping, skydiving, mountain biking, trekking… There’s without fail, something for everyone!

Yep, you can even just have a picnic on the lake’s shore. We enjoyed the view, the sun and the steady breeze, and we even made friends with a little duck, who very much liked to share our sandwiches… we nicknamed him Marcel!

Activities in & around Taupo

Preparing for Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Besides activities taking place in Taupo, the town is also a perfect location to prepare for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing! Here you can buy your complete attire or just what’s missing. Go to the shop Outdoor Attitude, here you’ll find what’s needed for the big adventure and you have the choice among the biggest brands without them being excessively expensive. Next door you have the NZ mecca for outdoor shopping, Kathmandu, but for my taste the brand is too expensive and lacks dramatically of style! (Yes, even while trekking around on volcanos you can try to look somehow ok).
Anyway, don’t go straight to the Tongariro National Park, but stay a night in Taupo and ask the i-Site Tourist Information Centre, if weather conditions are good enough for the trek. We did exactly the opposite and had to drive back empty handed to Taupo and wait for another few days before the weather improved. So spare yourself a waste of time and get informed beforehand.

Huka Falls (on the map)

Almost every New Zealander told us to go and have a look at the Huka Falls. So we went and had a look at the Huka Falls… and asked ourselves what all that fuzz was about. Ok the water is baby blue and it is a terrific scenery, but I wasn’t really impressed by the falls, which appeared more to be rapids. Huka Falls were, for me, a non-event, but it is a free of charge activity.

Hukka Falls, Taupo
Hukka Falls, Taupo

What else to do in Taupo

Here are some “enlightening” and informative websites:

Slumbering & munching

Reef Resort Taupo (on the map)

The Reef Resort is a lovely motel with an inbuilt kitchen in every room and, of course, your own spa bath! This Motel is located on the lakefront and has direct access to Lake Taupo and has good value for its prices. Since we were a bit disappointed that we couldn’t go on our trek, we decided to take the Luxury studio with lake view… and what a view it was! There is a pool area, with a heated fresh water pool.
And what else is great as well is the room service for breakfast…hmmmm! Treat yourself to it, you only live once!

Reef Resort Motel Taupo
Beautiful view at The Reef Resort Motel in Taupo

Vine Eatery (on the map)

The Vine Eatery was recommended to us by the nice lady at the motel reception. And I have to agree it’s highly recommendable: it figures among my top 3 restaurants of the trip!
What awaits you there? Mediterranean & New Zealand cuisine, craft beer, fine wine & yummy cocktails, nice staff and of course a very cool and cozy location.
Start with a tapas sharing platter and then chose among the super delectable individual main courses like the pork belly or the slowly roasted lamb rack…
And if you plan on visiting Coromandel sometime soon, the friendly manager comes in handy; he will give you some awesome advice on where to go and what to see!

Vine Eatery
Chill out corner of the Vine Eatery in Taupo

Want to know more about New Zealand’s North Island? Here you go:

Stay tuned…more to come soon!


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