Sauerkraut in Strasbourg


It’s also a city you’ll be spoiled for choice when looking for restaurants: a house made  sauerkraut, a tarte flambée … the choice is yours!

When to should you go?
Holiday period, just before Christmas

What’s the absolute survival kit… during winter!
Winter can be harsh in Strasbourg with nasty draughts (especially around the Cathedral area) and icy showers. A wooly hat, gloves, a water-resistant padded jacked, an umbrella or a poncho are musts during winter.
Comfortable shoes to walk in are also recommended (the cobblestones give the city a romantic touch, but represent quite a challenge for all pedestrians).

Quick tips…

  • To do: Stroll aimlessly around the city and discover its cute little alleys.
  • Best moment: During winter, Strasbourg dons a quite festive look at dusk with its colorful winter lights.
  • Best location: In a small alley next to the Cathedral is a hidden teddy bear house… try to find it, it’s worth a look.
Teddy Bear House
Teddy Bear House

Let’s skip the history and tell me about the fun facts!

  • A local purification plant is processing Sauerkraut juice and transforms it into organic gaz. The produced quantity is equal to the energy consumption of 1500 people. Designed and built by Degrémont and operated by Lyonnaise des Eaux, the Ehn station has been specially installed in the municipality of Meistratzheim, the self-proclaimed capital of Sauerkraut.
  • Sauerkraut juice can be drunk. It is very low in calories and helps digestion (just drink small amounts)
  • Since Strasbourg is a quite flat city, a lot of the people are getting around by bike.
  • Even if we are in France, many people speak German. Which creates a bilingual mishmash.
  • The Christmas market is an actual market with “christmassy” products! You’ll find way more than food or hot wine… enjoy, for example, a vast choice of Christmas decoration and other seasonal items.
  • The entire city center of Strasbourg, also called the “Big Island”, was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the rich architectural heritage. It is the first city in France to be distinguished in 1988.

And food wise…?
For all healthy people, the ones who seek lactose and gluten free dishes, vegans, those who are in a hurry, or simply for those who want to manage themselves before the holidays …. There’s Vertici! Visit Vertici for its salads, that you can compose by yourself, its smoothies that are full of nutrients and enjoy everything without feeling the slightest pang of guilt !
Also, do not miss the Winstubs for Sauerkraut and Riesling. 
I’d advise common tables, such as Lucullus in Jacques-Peirotes street or more touristy Tire-Bouchon, in the rue des Tailleurs-de-Pierre.

Are there Don’ts…

  • Do not go to Strasbourg if you are walking with crutches … or if you are wearing high heels, because you’ll end up walking with crutches! Let’s just say: Cobblestone-Alarm!
  • Do never say:  “It’ quite like in Germany” or “Hey, you have quite an accent” … some inhabitants won’t find that very amusing… at all!

Are there any practical facts that are worth to be mentioned?
Strasbourg by train: You can catch a train directly at the city center, the historical center is accessible by foot or by tram.
Strasbourg by car: park at the P+R (Rotunda, Alsage) and take tram A or D to the city center. It’s quite simple, the directions are indicated. This way, you pay less than 5€ to park your car and the tram return trip is included.

Have a nice one!

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