Exploring the fascinating Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux

Since I moved to the South of France, I keep waking up every morning looking straight at the ominous Mont Ventoux. At all times, the mountain looms over me with disregard: it looks at me in my dressing room, when I leave the house, on my way to food shopping, and haunts me during my runs. Mont Ventoux glares at me from the distance, all-superior, with its white tip. Creepy stuff, let me tell you!

The Mont Ventoux
View of the Mont Ventoux during my morning run

But I decided that I will face up to my challenger and that some day… some day very soon, I will get up there and tame the beast !

Until then, I will be exploring smaller treks & trails all around Mt Ventoux, and maybe if you’re visiting the region you might want to get inspired for your day hikes by The Travel Bias!

Some words about the Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux is located in the Vaucluse county in France and is 1921m high. Click To Tweet There are 3 main routes leading to its top. Its ascent by cycling is one of the best known activities in the region and it’s also a major leg of the cycling competition Tour de France. Other than cycling you can also go mountain biking, trekking, skiing and snowshoeing at the Mont Ventoux.

Mont Ventoux Trek : Le Jas du Pié Gros et de la Combe de Malaval

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I’d like to do my smarty pants! Here’s a little explanation of what those French words mean which, by the way, are the description of what you will see on your walk:

Jas = Typical Provence style, shelter, sheepfold
Combe = A dry valley on a hillside in a limestone or chalk escarpment.
Okay, okay,  you got me… I didn’t know those words either.

Jas su Pié Gros
Jas su Pié Gros, Mt Ventoux

Description of the trek

On the map

The starting point is Bedoin, a small village at the base of Mont Ventoux. Bédoin is also the starting point of the 3 routes leading to the top of the mountain. This trek departs precisely from the “Les Clops” car park.
Ascent: 668m
Length of the trek: about 11 km
Average duration: 4h50 (it’s definitely feasible under 4 hours)
Fitness level: Intermediate. At this place I’d like to specify that, unlike a lot of fitness level indications that got me confused and sometimes a bit worried for treks and hikes around the world, this indication is quite right. This trek is a healthy Intermediate Level: you will sweat during the ascent and probably experience some moderate muscle soreness the next day.
Ground: Mostly rocky with loose stones and gravel
Type: Closed Circuit (it’s a loop)
Participants: Everybody with an intermediate fitness level. Small children will not really be able to get up there, except if carried.
Dogs can also take part in the adventure, but they should be sporty and have some endurance.

Stony path of the Mont Ventoux
Stony path of the Mont Ventoux
La Combe de Malaval

What should you bring?

  • An App or watch with gps tracking or if you rather prefer an old-school printed map
  • Adapted walking/trekking shoes
  • Depending on the season and weather, a windproof jacket
  • Snacks, you can plan a picnic somewhere on the way
  • A water bottle, the steep ascent will make you thirsty
  • A camera, don’t you dare miss out on bringing back souvenirs from this picture perfect scenery!
  • Your happiest mood

To my opinion

This is a lovely walk, a tad demanding at the beginning, but with fantastic views and breathtaking sceneries. It's the perfect walk to do as a couple or with friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Click To Tweet

So, as this trek has been tested and approved, I made my bid here and all that’s left for me now is to wish you a happy trek!

Are you interested in other trekking reviews from the same region or do you have suggestions to make for other walks? Let us know!



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