My expat life in the South of France

Pont d'Avignon
The Pont d'Avignon and the cité des papes

I moved to Avignon and became an expat

Let’s be honest, when I told my friends I’d be moving to the South of France – Avignon to be precise – most of them were struggling not to give me the finger. Leaving the long-lasting winters, the dense and low cloud covers and the wet summers behind me for a brighter sky, short winters and existing summers led inescapably to some good-natured jealousy.
But hey, there are always pros and cons to everything, especially when being an expat. The Mistral, herds of tourists, the unsustainable summer heat… the French – sorry that was a cheap one.

Well, you never know if you’ll enjoy your new destination as an expat.
So, since I have the opportunity to make this experiment, I’ll be writing, beside my other travel news, insights on my life in this popular tourist destination. You’ll find all the update under the newly created section “South of France”.

To begin with, I’ll be inquiring some hiking and trekking routes, testing restaurants & bars and I’ll keep you up to date with the southern French winter twists and turns.

Here are my first impressions, enjoy! More to come soon…

Enjoying my expat life, beautiful sunrise
Sunrise in the Garrigues of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon
Vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Avignon city centre
Centre of Avignon and its famous blue sky

Have you been living for a while in the Gard or Vaucluse region? Do you wanna share your Avignon experience with The Travel Bias? Let’s keep in touch!


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