Blooming lavender fields in Provence – A must-see!

lavender fields

This post will be no long and descriptive mumbo-jumbo, but purely a matter of contemplation. As you perhaps already know, the blooming lavender fields of Provence are a major sight to see for every curious traveller or romantic nature lover. From the beginning of July to mid August, the beauty of the landscapes softened by light and dark shades of violet fields and the bewitching scent of those lavender plants definitely create a unique, entrancing atmosphere. Eye candy at its best!

Me in lavender field

Where can you see those lavender fields?

In Provence the lavender fields bloom in the departments of Vaucluse, Drome and Alpes de Haute-Provence. One of the best-known locations is the Val de Sault next to the Mont Ventoux at 766 m elevation.

Lavender fields

Here’s where you can find other famous lavender field-sites in France:

How do you visit lavender fields

By car, by foot or by bike; choose the way that suits you best to discover the beauty of those lavender-coloured landscapes.

Lavender field with dog

One of my favourite ways to discover these beautiful sceneries is simply to go on a hike. With a small walk or even a day-hike to those sought after sights, possibly interrupted by a well-deserved pic nic, you’ll definitely make the most of your day.

At the end of your jaunt, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit the local farmers’ barns or one of the numerous souvenir shops along the roads of the many picturesque Provençal villages to buy typical local lavender products.

lavender fields

Find some great walks and day-trips for every type of hiker on Hike Ideas.

Lavender is a versatile product with numerous health benefits. The plant is used as an essential oil in perfumery, pharmacy or aromatherapy, it is bagged in Provençal fabrics or used as an infusion, even great French chefs are using this aromatic plant in their finest cuisine. I mean, have you ever tasted dried sausagee with lavender? A delight!
Lavender field
Happy sight-seeing!


    • I moved to Provence as an expat… so I didn’t stay in a hotel, but there are so any beautiful places to stay here. You are litterally spoiled for choices!

  1. This just looks like it’s out of a fairytale! I feel like running through these fields and twirling like a princess, haha. Would love to hike there.

    • Hi Gabi, it’s an amazing experience to walk through those lavender fields. It gives you the feeling of great joy and utter freedom!

  2. I can only imagine what the smell of lavender field must be – it would be intense and rich and raw. What a pleasant thought and sight. I agree with you – a hike seems one of the best ways to explore such amazing fields.

  3. wow places like that looks so unreal! Provence is so beautiful with all those purple lavender! So photographic too! I would love to hike over there !

  4. This must have been so scenic. Although the photos are quite good but it would have been a surreal experience just being there. The colours are so magnificent

  5. There is something about the color purple that fascinates me. It is so soothing. When you have a sea of lavender extending endlessly to the horizon, it can’t be anything but heavenly. Do they charge to go on a tour to see the lavender fields?

  6. I’ve heard Lavender is good to help you sleep as well. This would be beautiful see in person. We were blessed to be able to see the sun flower fields of Tuscany in full bloom last year as well as drive through Chianti in Italy and see the vineyards. And we were able to go through an olive grove. All of these sites have something in common. They are beautiful to behold and see in person. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Blooming Lavender field is so romantic, isn’t it? I wanted to visit Provence so bad but unfortunately couldn’t! I really felt bad that I totally missed the existence of Mayfield Lavender field in London for the entire time that I was living there! Still haven’t seen one!!!

  8. Those fields must smell really good! First time we saw them was in the movie “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.” It’s just a shame that they won’t grow here in the Philippines. Our soil conditions and the tropical climate won’t allow them to grow.

    • I bet you have other beautiful plants decorating your landscapes in the Philippines… I still have to travel there sometime! But yes, I saw the film Perfume and now the lavendr fields you are talking about 😉

  9. I got so excited the first time I saw a lavender field! I was out for a walk and just kind of stumbled across it. It was a very soothing and fragrant experience!!

  10. Provence and the Lavender fields are so synonymous with beauty and an icon of France. We hope to get to Provence some day and revel in the song of nature in its full bloom. Till now our French forays have been confined to Paris and we hope to get out to the countryside too.

    • Paris is a great city, but then again if you are a true nature lover you should definitely spend part of your summer in Provence.


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