Brussels: A guide to the perfect bar crawl

Brussels by night

It’s the endless cobblestones that will never be tamed by high heels (although, you’ll always be trying anew !), it’s the many parties and the too many beer types …  and also my ultimate place for a perfect bar crawl!

So, after sorting out a few blurred, but hilarious memories that have been trying to resurface for a time now, I put together a list of some emblematic nightlife “drinkeries” inspired by a few legendary nights out on the town:

Bar du Matin

In the morning, for lunch or during the evenings Bar du Matin is a bar with a multicultural and cheerful atmosphere. At night regularly organized concerts and dj sets will make you dance till you drop. Great choice of beers, by the way! Apparently also a good place to hang out during the day…

Café Maison du Peuple  

Café Maison du Peuple is a lofty place with exposed brick walls, Djs on weekends and an imposing menu of spirits and cocktails! Make the most of their nice terrace during warm summer nights and of course, do not miss out on their photo booth!


Archiduc, is an art deco bar and one of the emblematic places of Brussels’ nightlife. Beer prices are a bit over average and sometimes you have to queue up for entrance, but this place is definitely worth a visit, since you feel like partying in your own sitting room.

Mappa Mundo & Le Roi des Belges

At Halles Saint-Géry, there are a few really nifty bars. Mappa Mundo  or Le Roi des Belges are just two of them. At Mappa Mundo you can easily fall into the diabolic Mojito pitcher trap and wake up the next day with an even more diabolic hangover. As for the Roi des Belges, it’s a cool place to hang out and play board games… sounds boring, but it really is fun!

Café Central 

Café Central is a big bar that allegedly offers some of the most original electro and rock sets in Brussels (I have no opinion on that matter). But be prepared for a tremendous atmosphere on the dance floor and watch out for the foosball table… you never know who you might end up competing against!

Madame Moustache

You want to party hard? Then you definitely HAVE to go to Madame Moustache! This cool pro hipster club and concert venue will contribute to your Saturday night frenzy! Rockabilly nights, international and local acts… and great cocktails. Here, you will leave at 6 am asking yourself where the time had gone?

The owners have another club: Club La Vilaine. I’ve never been there, but it’s definitely on my “to do” list.

Brussels Place Ste Catherine
Madame Moustache … just behind the duck house!


This bar is open till … well, quite honestly I don’t know. I’ve never managed to stay awake till closing time! But when every other club or bar closes its doors around 6am, the Bonnefooi will always be open!

Goupil le Fol 

With its famously weird style… nope, Goupil le Fol cannot be described. Just go and have a look for yourself. The only thing I can assure is that the cocktails – with or without alcohol – are exquisite!

“Pick-me-up” brunch places

Brasserie La Clef d’Or 

In the Marolles neighborhood next to the Place du Jeu de Balles you’ll be spoiled for choice when looking for a restaurant where you can cure the after effect of your previous night’s feast. At the brasserie La Clef d’Or the affectionate staff will pamper you with delightfully home cooked dishes!

Les Super Filles du tram

In my opinion, Les Super Filles du Tram is one of the best burger places in town, just next to the Place Flagey. Burgers, salads, as well as their “Super Brunch” on Sundays will help to perk you up in a homely and lively decorated atmosphere.

Pain Quotidien 

And when you think all is lost and you feel very comfortable in your own neighborhood… there’s always a shop of Le Pain Quotidien somewhere next to your place. This internationally renowned bakery chain with its simple and natural dishes will definitely breathe life back into your tired body.

This being said, I wish you a lovely & eventful bar crawl.

Special thanks to J & M for an epic weekend in Brussels!


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