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Discover Cambodia

Although, I’ve always wanted to explore the Holy Trinity of the backpacker: Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia, I somehow never travelled to the neighbouring countries of Vietnam, where I started my travel adventures 10 years ago! Since then, I’ve always been ogling at travel guides about Cambodia and reading articles of the Indochina Peninsula (not without a hint of envy, I must admit). One day I will discover Cambodia, I told myself!

But as it sometimes happens, after uncovering my unquenchable thirst for adventure, I visited other amazing places, discovered other fantastic countries and forgot about that urgent need to delve into Cambodia’s landscapes and local life, that I’d once experienced.

Discover Cambodia, the local people & a pretty cool travel blog

So, two weeks ago I came across that funky travel blog called Castaway with Crystal. From the first moment on, I loved its design and Crystal’s wit (she’s the blogger, but you guessed that right?). Another very nice surprise was that she’d travelled to Cambodia as a backpacker.

In her blog, she tells you about visiting the Angkor Wat temples, the things to do in Phnom Penh and where to find a quiet beach around Sihanoukville. Other than that, she also showcases everyday life in her beautiful photo essays about the people and children she met and lets us in on her very personal travel experiences.

Crystal, who qualifies herself as a passionate baby goat cuddler (yeah, I loved that one) gives you pretty great advice budget-wise and otherwise! So, sneak a peek at her articles and essays. I bet she’ll pass the travel bug on to you!

Budget Guide: Two Weeks in Cambodia by Crystal

Budget Guide Cambodia



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