San Telmo, the antique one!


San Telmo (on the map)  is the oldest neighbourhood (barrio) of Buenos Aires. Old, but well preserved with Spanish style buildings and cobblestoned streets that will carry you away into another era. This neighborhood is also the antique dealers district, where especially on weekends, second hand and antique shops rub shoulders with a flea market and its bric-à-brac stalls.

Discovering San Telmo

San Telmo is a barrio that I really love and where I spent a fair amount of time during my stay. Beside the feria de San Telmo, you’ll also have a glance at all kind of street artists and musicians or on-site tango shows that make you smile, wonder or shiver with delight!

At Plaza Dorrego, the center of that neighborhood cafés, restaurants and bars are all-time inviting… but the chances of not being quick enough to eat your biscuit that comes as an accompaniment of your latté or missing half a pizza after it being freshly served are considerable! Pigeons, pigeons, pigeons… when they got a glance at what your plate contains, you can be sure you’ll be missing something of it a few seconds later… I’m just trying to warn you!

Galleries, fairs & music

Visit on weekends the Feria de San Telmo, an antiques fair.

Also, go have a look at El Bacon on Saturday and Sunday nights there’ll be live jazz & blues shows … quite a cosy experience!

Anywhere in San Telmo, if in the streets, in a bar or restaurant, or one of the various hidden art galleries… I guarantee, this neighborhood is going to amaze you!

Also, go have a glimpse at the freshly renovated and newly opened Union Galery.

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