Discover Buenos Aires

Casa Rosada
Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

Discover Buenos Aires: The Paris of the South

Where did Buenos Aires get its nickname from?

Well, it’s a trendy cosmopolitan city, with dazzling architecture; grand avenues and still some intimate cafés and restaurants, almost secret, paved passageways, as well as picturesque neighbourhoods. The Congeso, for example has been built in Greco-Roman style with Parisian Beaux Arts influence and if you walk down the Avenida de Mayo you could easily imagine yourself on the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris.

While walking around in Buenos Aires you will inevitably stumble upon the hottest looks and cutting-edge fashion trends… Oh, and you can definitely shop till you drop!

But Buenos Aires is way more than just architecture and fashion! It’s stunning food and even more delectable wines, it’s a buoyant party town, it’s also culture, dance, museums, galleries and Street Art!

People are open-minded and muy simpatico … parks are green and flowery …. what more to say?

I’m a huge Buenos Aires fan and had the chance to live there for a few months! So, here are a few more reads for you about coolest neighbourhoods, dos & don’ts, as well as what’s hot in this big city:

Besides, Buenos Aires has more than one nickname (Queen of the Plata, city of fury, …) so go ahead and discover the hype around Argentina’s Capital!


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