A suitcase that suites your case!

Palm trees in Buenos Aires

If you plan your journey to Argentina with a city trip to Buenos Aires, a trekking excursion through the Andes, a wine tasting experience in Mendoza and a beach holiday in Puerto Madryn,… what shoes will you put into your suitcase? 5 pairs …  at least! High-heels to go out at night, sneakers for day long walks, trekking shoes because it’s the Andes, flip-flops for the beach and sandals, because it might be too hot for the sneakers and … oh well, let’s throw a pair of ballerina pumps in there as well, just for the fun of it!

In the real world, it looks quite different! After laboriously cramming the shoes into our suitcase and hoping it doesn’t exceed the authorized maximum weight, after ruining almost every shopping possibility whatsoever due to lack of storing space, you will find out that it was too hot to wear the tracking shoes, to far to walk in high heels… and the sneakers didn’t go with the rest of what you packed! (been there, done that!)

So, here’s the good news: If you plan to shop in Buenos Aires… you don’t need very much to put in your suitcase. Buenos Aires is a real “shopping mecca” and a real paradise for fashionistas !

If you still want to bring around a few things and you are planning to visit Argentina during summer:

  • Bring flip-flops and comfortable ballerina pumps. You will be walking a lot, and it might be very hot… sometimes, during downpours the streets get flooded : flip-flops will be your best friends at any moment! (Very cool Havaianas thongs can be found everywhere in the city to a much better price than in Europe)
  • Do not plan on throwing in some high heels…  Buenos Aires is a huge city, where you walk a tremendous amount of kilometers per day. If you still feel fit at night to throw on your dancing shoes, then buy some really cool stilettos onsite!
  • Clothewise it’s the same, pack moderately! Shopping is almost a local sport and you’ll find the hypest stuff just around the corner of Palermo Soho or in one of the massive malls such as Alto Palermo Shopping Center and Abasto Shopping Center!
  • Do not pack too much white stuff … with the local buses’ exhaust gases your “flip-flopped-feet” and your white clothes will have a tendency to turn grey-blackish (like the content of your hanky after blowing your nose). But the pollution issue has improved a lot in the past years.
  • Bring comfortable, but trendy clothes… Argentines are real fashionistas! You can wear mini-skirts, belly free tank tops or hot pants without any problem nor worry. Argentine girls are beautiful creatures… and are not ashamed of their body!
    Tourists often tend to adopt the “boho” or “backpacker” look. For your own sake, try not to stick out like them and disguise yourself as a landsman – dress correctly!
  • Pack strong insect repellant and do not forget to make use of it even before sunset… mosquitos over there are little vampires.
  • Buy sunscreen at destination… they are more likely to have the SPF you need in the southern hemisphere.
  • Bring a light jacket,  you might need it … or not!
  • And last but not least, if you are prone to massive sweat outbreaks due to the heat… so, bring some antiperspirant. Even with 45 C° Argentines do not sweat… if you are not used to that kind of heat, you might stick out of the crowd!

If you are going to Argentina during winter:

  • Bring warmer clothes with you and some sneakers instead of the flip-flops. (As with the slides, you can buy the coolest sneakers on site)
    Temperatures in winter vary between 0° and 10° with a tad more clouds … some people pretend they even witnessed a snowflake or two falling from the sky.
  • Bring a rain jacket
  • Insect repellent is not needed, except if you’re going to the Iguazu Falls… there reins a tropical climate

Trees in Buenos Aires

For the rest, enjoy your stay and definitely plan in some shopping time as well as some storing space in your suitcase. Here, are a few awesome locations in Buenos Aires:

In Palermo
Avenida Santa Fe
Avenida Córdoba
Alto Palermo Shopping Center

In Belgrano
Avenida Cabildo

In Recolata
You’ll find very chic boutiques over there, as well as the Feria Artesanal Plaza Francia a great crafts fair

Abasto Shopping Center, definitely a must do… it is the biggest shopping center of the city… plan in to spend a few exhausting hours in there!

San Telmo
Feria de San Telmo is a very touristy fair and flea market which takes place in the streets of San Telmo during weekends

City Center
Callé Florída

Local shops that will make your heart jump: