Palermo Soho & Palermo Hollywood


As I already foreshadowed in my very first post, Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood are definitely two of my favorite neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

While Palermo Hollywood has inherited its name from the numerous TV production studios that have installed themselves there in the mid-nineties and hosts now a fair bit of hype restaurants and nightclubs, Palermo Soho is more a bohemian-chic-style place, with its craft fair on weekends and all its whimsical corner shops, which will set a special tone to your trip! Both neighborhoods are definitely the place to be for party goers, epicureans, fashionistas or quite simply for bon vivants!

Here’s a compiling of my favourite places :

Palermo Soho (on the map)


Arte de Mafia – the name already gives away the style and concept of the place – is a small Italian, mafia-themed restaurant, referring to the strong link that always existed between the mafia and the food. My suggestion: order yourself a nice bottle of wine and try out the fantastic Lasagna della famiglia Corleone, this will be the perfect atmosphere to secretly plot how to spend the rest of your stay!
My enthusiasm for this place is slightly biased by the fact that on the night we dined there, I got engaged … but still, if you are with friends or in a couple, I’ll promise it’s going to be a delightful experience, for your eyes and your tasting buds!

In Arte por 3, callé Jorge L. Borges 2088, they serve great Mexican food in a very colorful Mexican decor.


Bartola Classic, a chilled out bar offering a menu with light food and snacks, the perfect place for a break at lunchtime or a pre-dinner drink meeting! The little plus: they have a little blackboard, displaying every day, another idiom in a different language…

The Post Street Bar is a bit hidden away in callé Thames and displays more than 1836 stencils on its walls, all created by Buenos Aires urban art collectives. Every Tuesday, there’s pizza for free and the first floor operates as an art gallery and holds various exhibitions from young urban artists over the world. You can also buy stencils at the back of the bar. This place is a must for street art lovers.

At the wine & book shop, Autre Monde, wine fanatics or collectors will be at their ease: Here is the perfect place to stock up on exquisite Argentine wines almost while having your head in a book! My boyfriend immediately fell in love with the wine specialist – who is apparently THE master of wine aromas and tastes description -, while I literally was suffering death by boredom… no, I’m definitely not a wine buff!
But I can tell by the look on my boyfriends face that the whole (very long) hour he’d spent in there had been quite exciting… and prolific, since he was carrying 6 bottles of wine when he got out!

UNIK, a high standard restaurant with a refined cuisine and a unique décor – every single piece of furniture is an original design object from the 60s or 70s – and a menu that makes foodies and gourmets scream with pleasure… some friends described the restaurant exactly like this, so I though it’d be great to pass on the message!

Go to Antares if you are tired of industrial beers like Quilmes or others. Antares is a brewer’s pub, refreshing the beer market with its handcrafted brews… here, beer lovers will be thrilled to bits!

A little advice to all the shopaholics of you: go to calle Armenia, you’ll find your bliss in one of those cool little and local designer shops!

I’ve probably spent most of my time in the Palermo Soho neighborhood, but quite honestly, you’ll experience the good vibes of the place once you are there! Plaza Serrano (also called Plaza Cortázar), with all its cafés, bars and restaurants is a must!

Palermo Hollywood (on the map)

If you crave Japanese food, fusion and world cuisine… take a trip to Palermo Hollywood you’ll be on cloud nine! Here are my 3 favourites:

Omm, is one of the bars I discovered while living in Buenos Aires. I had a very cocktail-rich evening with a friend over there. It’s a small non-stick out bar, but do not underestimate the delights of its tasty and quite strong cocktails! Beware though; the strongest cocktails are not always the manliest by their looks and often hide their intense character under bright pink color tones!

Club 69 also known as Niceto Club, is one of the blazing … and fantastic clubs in town, where transvestite shows go along with hip-hopy tones! Do not dare to think of missing out on a night at this fabulously weird club!

Some friends of ours started the non-profit organization Graffitimundo a few years ago. They organize guided street art tours in Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood and Colegiales, as well as workshops and will provide you with some in-depth information about the urban art scene of Buenos Aires its history, political background and modern context.

They recently opened Union Gallery in San Thelmo, which hosts contemporary and urban art exhibitions from artist all around Latin America.

These two neighborhoods are very safe, even at night… you can walk worry-free alone at the early morning hours, and if ever you are lost, there is certainly a nice policeman, standing on one of the street corners who can guide you to your chosen hangout!