Eating n’ sleeping in Amsterdam

Roof decoration at Franklyn

One thing I didn’t think of was, that when you visit and shop your way through Amsterdam, you’re likely to head for an average walking distance of 11 km per day – that’s something my very new and smart phone told me. Another thing I didn’t think of, and this time I found out all by myself, is that heels (even if not that high) and cobblestones are a truly terrible combination!

Walking around Amsterdam

So, after my second day of my moderately-heeled trekking through Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods and shops … My calves experienced tremendous muscle aches – this goes without talking about the state of my feet!

Packed with all the bursting shopping bags of the day, it was time to head back to the hotel, put my feet up and brainstorm about the evening programme, cause despite of all the fatigue the day was still young!

Food, drinks and a good snooze

Ok, I admit it, I went a teeny tiny bit crazy about the hotel, but on that second day the Finish sauna and Turkish steam bath came in more than handy. Two hours of hanging out and sweating in The Wellness Garden of the Westcord Fashion Hotel definitely perk you up again!

This 4-star hotel is a bit outside the city, but you have a tram stop not far away, that gets you straight to the Dam (city center) or you can just walk (approximately 30 min.). The designer room, the utterly comfortable deluxe double bed & the Wellness Garden are more than worth that little distance… And besides, I never said this trip would be a low budget and eco-friendly thing!!!

If you want to book cheap rooms for that hotel, or any other 4 or 5-star hotel, I recommend to visit
NB: Booking your massages or treatments before arriving at the hotel is highly recommended!

Later, revived, rejuvenated and hungry as a hunter, we decided to visit one of the hype places in that same neighbourhood: the Franklin, a modern kitchen & cocktail bar.

Menu and cocktails
Menu and cocktails at Franklyn

The setting is easy on the eye and can be described as “vintage-design New York style” and the cocktails are amazing!  Speaking of cocktails… you can choose from the menu between their own creations, the daily specials or a more classical variant. I, for my part, strongly recommend the Luscious Lips cocktail, a dream of leachy liquor and vodka, or if you are more a Gin & T kind of person, go with the Hendrick’s, a truly original mix of gin, fever-tree tonic, black pepper and cucumber.
Food wise, you’ll have a whale of a time with the insultingly delicious, semi-cooked tuna outlined with a tad of Ras el Hanout.

Food at Franklyn
Yummy Food at Franklyn

Otherwise give the the ceviche of salmon with Granny Smith apples a go or try out the USA Wagyu tartar with Parmesan, truffle and anchovies…yummy!

Another place for the foodies is the Purimas Indonesian Restaurant, straight next to the city centre. The entrance of the place is a bit unimpressive, but don’t let yourselves be fooled… de food is delicious! Choose the rice table not the menu and enjoy various samples of the Indonesian cuisine!

So, I guess it’s needless to say, that our stay in Amsterdam was a complete success: A true discovery of delightful dishes, new tastes, dashing shops and neighbourhoods … well, and as well a bit of a wellness trip on top of all that.

Besides, my bank account will recover and my feet as well!

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