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San Telmo, the antique one!

San Telmo (on the map)  is the oldest neighbourhood (barrio) of Buenos Aires. Old, but well preserved with Spanish style buildings and cobblestoned streets...
Street art in Palermo

Pavement adventures from Buenos Aires

The pavement of Buenos Aires reveals itself to be the tricky bit of the city. The state of the sidewalks varies from neighborhood to neighborhood and often holds more than one surprise. Unsuspecting, “curiously eyeing around” tourists, often experience nasty surprises!
Palm trees in Buenos Aires

A suitcase that suites your case!

Packing a suitcase, especially for us ladies, is almost always close to impossible: what should I pack, on which occasion, how do people dress over there…? Those are questions that haunt us already 2 weeks before departure.

La Boca & Caminito

This neighbourhood is situated at the old port of Buenos Aires and it’s also the cradle of football legend Diego Maradona who played in the Club Atlético Boca Juniors.
Casa Rosada

FFF – Argentina

Football, beef and wine, that’s the perfect stereotype-label of Argentina. Sometimes people will stir up other subjects though, such as the Malvinas (NOT Falkland Islands), Eva Peron singing on her balcony or Maradona’s shenanigans and goings-on.
Road to Salta


For a very, veeeeery long time now, I’ve been doing exactly what I always dread to do: putting this project off until way later ! I’ve literally been procrastinating… (Which is, by the way and most definitely, my least favourite word on earth!). Enough said, let’s go directly to the essence of the subject – drum roll: Travelling!